Game of Thrones – And Now His Watch is Ended

Ol’ Lefty Lannister ain’t doing so well now that he’s an appendage lighter. He’s lost a lot of blood and completely gives up. It’s hard to have sympathy for a character that’s done such despicable things, but watching him struggle to fight is a sad sight indeed. Brienne has to give him a tongue lashing to snap him back to reality and shows honesty sympathy for her former captive. How quickly the tables turn in Westeros.

Varys gives us some interesting insight as he tells Tyrion the tale of how he became a eunuch and we learn just how powerful the Lord of Spiders is. Such an unsettling interaction as Tyrion begins to wonder what’s in the box. What’s in the box, man? What’s in the box?! What’s in the box!?!

Cersei tries so very hard not to get out played by Lady Oleanna, but boy is it a challenge. Joffrey tries his hardest to be charming and doesn’t realize he’s getting played at all. Dumb dumb. Cersei begins to seriously suspect that her plans are all in terrible danger and seeks to prove herself to Tywin but it only shows just what a goddamn smarmy jerk he can be.

In the horrible, horrible north, the Crows are still recuperating at Craster’s but their welcome is quickly wearing out. The mouthier Crows grow tired of slowly starving to death and then the world goes crazy. Sam hightails it out of there with Gilly as the Old Bear is betrayed and dies an unjust death. Craster totally had it coming tho.

Theon’s savior proves not to be so upstanding. I can’t even get with this storyline, it’s so fucked up.

Varys and Oleanna have a lovely conversation that’s as entertaining as watching two skilled warriors sword fight. I could watch them be snippy and clever all day. Let the plotting begin!

Margery continues her reign of manipulation on not only Joffery but Sansa as well, as the Tyrells position themselves for some serious power plays.

Beric Dondarrion in the hizzy! And by hizzy I mean hole in the ground! The Brothers Without Banners are a raggedy bunch, and yet when the Hound is told he will battle Beric, the Hound looks worried indeed.

They screwed me on the House of the Undying, but this show did not screw me again when Daenerys takes control of the Unsullied. So much comes toghether in this scene and it is so satisfying. Dany buys the Unsullied with a dragon, much to the chagrin of Mormont, but reveals that she has understood every word that pig bastard, slave master has said and then Viserion lights him on fire. All hell breaks loose as Daenerys pulls a Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez on Astapor and it is sweet. RIP!

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