Science is Sexy

Are you all caught up on Breaking Bad? No?! Get thee to Netflix, heathen! What about now? Good, then let’s continue.

Breaking Bad may be the best television show in history. Who cares if the rest of the world doesn’t understand because they don’t have a completely broken health care system. WE DO. So the story of innocent, good, Walter White to total fuck up and drug king pin is a compelling one. Especially because of the SCIENCE in it.

Xeni Jardin has broken down some of the best SCIENCE moments in the show in this Top 11 clip. I could argue that SCIENCE is sexy but really I just like the clips of Walt running around in his underwear before he got his shit together. He’s adorable.

One thing. I think Xeni and Miles say that Gus’ brother was poisoned? I don’t remember that from the show. Do you guys? Or was I just not paying attention?

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