Sucker Punch Zen Koan of Anti-Geek Boredom

sucker punchNot sexy. Goodness but I am disturbed to realize that Zack Snyder thinks he is a feminist. Just a sex-hating, joykiller, mean feminist. One who doesn’t like women with power. One whose ultimate fantasy features Mad Men’s Don Draper rape-lobotomizing a thirteen-year-old child. I think Zack Snyder might need some help from the Unity Restored people because, while I hesitate to call anyone’s fantasies gross, I’m going to go ahead and admit I am disgusted by Zack Snyder’s. Zack Snyder is the director of 300, the director of the poorly-adapted Watchmen, and the writer/director of the recent Sucker Punch movie. Zack Snyder already had a strike against him for disappointing the brilliant Alan Moore. Zack Snyder actually told Jack Giroux at Film School Rejects that his whole point in Sucker Punch was to attack geek sexuality. To quote the interview, he baldly states, “It’s like a fanboy indictment, in some ways. They can’t have fun with the geek culture sexual hang ups … You can say what you want about the movie, but I did not shoot the girls in an exploitative way. They might be dressed sexually, but I didn’t shoot the movie to exploit their sexuality. There’s no close-ups of cleavage, or stuff like that.” The trailer for Sucker Punch made it look like a sexy video game. The actual movie is about a lobotomized pubescent dreaming she is a prostitute dreaming she is in a video game. It seems like someone, whose whole career is based on comic books, should be a bit more respectful of fan sexuality. Instead we get a Zen koan of joyless, anti-woman, anti-geek boredom.

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