Interviews Amelia G

amelia g alporn has a bunch of new writers since last I kept up. One is Beda Hoydenish who just did an interview with the inspirational Amelia G about her new site and the state of altporn.

My favorite part of the interview is where Beda Hoydenish’s question about the origins of the Blue Blood moniker lead to Amelia G explaining some of her manifesto and you have to admire someone who still finds important things to say with breasts in her face: “The name Blue Blood is sort of a play on words with the blood for vampires and gothic spookyness and the blue meaning erotic as in blue movies, but the blue blood phrase overall connoting a certain tastefulness and strength. Especially in 1992, when I founded Blue Blood, it was very common for alt-identified people to feel like they had to accept second class citizen status. So the strength aspect is really important to the core manifesto for me. The most important message I would like readers or members to get from Blue Blood is that purple hair or tattoos or having kinky sex or otherwise living flamboyantly does not mean you are not entitled to the rewards of the larger society.”

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