Darth Vader vs. Apollo and Starbuck

Peeved I suppose at being outgrossed at the box office by Battlestar Galactica, George Lucas and the Star Wars folks had to sue Glen A. Larsen and the Battlestar Galactica people. Never mind that much of Star Wars was a knockoff of Flash Gordon and that Lucas would have done a Flash Gordon movie instead if Dino de Laurentis who owned the Flash Gordon option at the time hadn’t thought his take on Flash was too pussy. Never mind that Alan Dean Foster actually wrote Star Wars and not George Lucas and that it took many years of Foster writing best-selling novels before it was publicly acknowledged that he wrote the first Star Wars flick. Never mind that it was James Cameron script doctor and former Rolling Stone writer Jay Cocks who came up with the whole “In a galaxy far far away” thing. Never mind that Battlestar Galactica owes a much more blatant creative debt to various religious stories including the Jewish Diaspora and the Mormon quest for the thirteenth tribe and maybe to Herman Melville. Never mind all that because the Star Wars lawyers thought they were able to note thirty-four distinct copyright violations in the Battlestar Galactica series. Vader’s Fist lost its case against Apollo and Starbuck, but only after the series had been cancelled.

The cylon on the cover of the Battlestar Galactica digitally remastered DVD collection (complete minus the earth ones) does look a fuck of a lot like a Stormtrooper though, doesn’t he?

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